Dear Neighbor,

It has been an honor to represent you in Olympia for the past two years. This past session, the governor signed my bills to celebrate our decorated veterans, reduce costs and administrative burdens for our colleges and universities, ensure greater transparency and accountability for our higher education governing boards, and give greater flexibility to local governments. I stood up for K-12 education and people with disabilities. And I made sure that our community was represented in the Transportation Budget, with additional funds for projects around Meridian and Highway 167.

Lately I have been going door to door and listening to the concerns of our working families, seniors, and small business owners. I hear the same themes over and over again. People in our community want jobs, educational excellence, and responsible government.

That is why I am asking for your vote as I seek reelection for State Representative in the 25th District.

Growing up in Puyallup, I was blessed with a loving family, excellent teachers and coaches, and caring neighbors. Puyallup means “The Generous People,” and I like to think that we live up to our name. I believe that a strong community like ours with its network of families, businesses, schools, houses of worship, and private associations of all kinds is better at loving people and caring for people than any government bureaucracy ever was. We need to build up our communities, not our bureaucracies.

Please check out my website, and let’s work together for jobs, educational excellence, and responsible government. Please call me if you have ideas or questions.

Hans Zeiger